Sunday, August 1, 2010

Separate Blogs

Look at all the pretty books...

Well, I must say, I can really throw a curve ball at you if I want. You see, I have resorted to a second blog in order to better organize my thoughts (and therefore posts) on subjects that I like to meander on about when I should be posting about the intended subject of the blog that I am posting on! Confused yet? I thought so...

In other words, I have created another blog!

Katie's Suspiciously Apt Book Reviews

You see, while reading my recent posts I have realized that I have encroached upon topics that do not belong in my personal author's journey documentation. Making posts for book blog contests and reviews for such books should probably not be included while talking about my own book and/or writing experiences. So, there you have it! I have made an entirely new blog just so that I can write about these wonderful books and authors that I love so much! I think it's important that I do this so that I do not interrupt the process of my journey to becoming a published author. Perhaps, I am wrong, but I'm going to find out either way.

So off you go! Go check it out!

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