Thursday, July 8, 2010


I don't know about you- but I like my sleep. I just happen to like coffee too though. Why can't ANYTHING be simple? :)

There are so many different ways to write a book. One of the questions I asked you about, oh I don't know SEVERAL weeks ago, was whether or not you were a plotter, or one of those fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of writers. I do believe that there is a type of writer that can be both though. I'm probably one of them, though not a very good one when it comes to choosing the ladder.

During the last week of June, I finished outlining my novel. "Finished" is a very fragile word though and I don't like using it, because truly, when is a writer's outline every TRULY finished? Never.

I used the afore-mentioned handbook that I purchased from Amazon "The Author's Outline..." by Abra Ebner. It helped me IMMENSELY! You have no idea. I'm the kind of writer that's not used to planning every step of my book out. Hence, why I have not been able to actually finish a book perhaps? I believe so. But the truth is, you can outline, write three chapters, fifty pages, have a whole WORLD full of ideas inside that pretty little head of yours and STILL not be able to get it out on paper...

Writer's block is a b*tch.

I think, since we've discussed "doubts" in the previous post and all that THAT entails, you can understand where I'm coming from and why my words are NOT. Pesky little issues that writing deals with, I tell you. But I am trying. And I will keep trying. I think one must set their own deadline in order to truly get it over with. I have so many dreams concerning the literary world with my book in it, and I need to get them realized.

Excuses can be a problem as well. You see, for the past ten days I have had my best friend visit me all the way from Boise, Idaho. Now THAT is a very viable excuse for my lack of writing in all areas (*cough* blog included *cough*) and therefore, I think that I can get away with June's lack of a fourth post :)

I love writing. And I dream of a completed book. Soon hopefully. I give myself one year to have at LEAST one fully written, possibly un-edited manuscript!

And with that goal being written, I will continue discussing outlines. I get so easily steered off course with these posts...

Outlines. Outlining. It is no easy task. I forced myself to finish outlining my novel, because let's face it, it is LONG overdue. So, the steps that I took (using my nifty little handbook- thank you, Abra) were first characters and their descriptions (including their goals in the story), THEN the setting/stage for the story (whether it was real or imaginary- plot that all out), and of course the plot (including whether or not one had several points of view or just the main character's). Inside the plot section there came to be a planning of chapters. This takes the longest (or at least it did for me). It was weird when I was finished outlining. I have this whole skeleton of a story laid out before me and I have to liven it up with all that words can spice? It was more daunting than relieving. Maybe, I just scare easily, but... at least part one of the journey is complete! Now it is writing :) Back to it then!

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  1. This whole post is hitting home for me, though I have to put it to you for outlining that is a big step in the right direction.