Sunday, June 13, 2010

What I Wouldn't Give For...

More time.

I know, I know... I haven't posted anything in a week and a half. I've already begun to wipe the smashed tomatoes off of my computer screen as I write this. Unfortunately, the reason I haven't posted anything is because... I haven't been doing much in the field of writing this week. Unless you count obsessively checking my goodreads account several times a day.

I've been using The Author's Outline (not as much as I should, but I'm still using it), and so far I'm still only in the character summaries. I'm almost done with that part, but I have a lot of side characters to think about, and I don't want to rush this process. If I end up rushing it then I know I'll get about 80 pages into my novel while I'm writing it and then suddenly want to change the whole idea for a better one that pops into my head. I'm just crazy like that...

I must say though, one good thing can come from a site like goodreads. There are a bunch of groups on there for writing and this can get any author feedback on their work. Which is very helpful in my opinion. I've also received a lot of tips on how to outline my book and stop the madness that incurrs too many ideas at once! Exciting, indeed!

Back to the topic I was hoping to discuss in this post: time. I never seem to have enough of it. I've spent half the summer looking for a job and promising myself that I would finish plotting my novel and start writing it. And tomorrow I'll begin my new job. And hopefully, tomorrow I'll get further in the plotting process as well. But the job part has been worrying me. Am I going to have enough time to write? How am I going to balance my job, my family time, my social life, my book, and reading all into my life's planner? How do I pencil all of this in?

I have no idea.

All I can do is keep living life, I guess. And hope that it all falls into place. Of course, I'm going to keep writing. It's been seven years now and I haven't stopped yet, so why suddenly give up, right? I'll still follow my dream and keep working towards that publication date where I find out that my words are going to be publicly printed and sold to the masses, no matter how many masses that might be.

So now that I've cleared that up... Sorry for the late post. As you can see, I've been dealing with some new news in my life and some internal writing struggles that I had to face. But now that that's all over with, I say let's get back to normal! I'll be posting again this week about creating a character and all that that entails. Until then, please... no more tomatoes. The spaghetti noodles miss them far too much!

Catch you later! I'm going to go read some more :)

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