Thursday, June 16, 2011

An Influx of Ideas

Inspiration is so odd.

Instead of the bolt of lightning, I feel like it's more of a storm watch thing for me. First I get that broadcast ribbon thing that beeps in while you're watching your favorite show and warns you of "severe storms" headed your way. Then a few minutes later (or an hour, however long it takes), the slow rumble of thunder in the distance creeping through the walls. The rooms start to darken as the light from the window fades to gray. And then you look out the window and see the clouds coming together, twisting, forming something dark, drifting towards you. Maybe you wander outside or stay at the window, feel the wind tangle it's fingers in your hair, feel this cold, dank warning leave a sheen on your skin. Perhaps it starts to sprinkle. And then the clouds start to flicker and you can make out the flashes as a blue/white current traces back and forth through the sky. Before you know it, the storm's on you, pouring rain, rumbling, striking lightning and completely taking out your power.

I love thunderstorms. I also love using them as a metaphor for how an idea can take over a mind in a creeping manner. Love it. And lately, this has been happening to me. A new idea, like a thunderstorm in a drought-wrought summer. Question is, do I go dancing in the rain? Or do I stay loyal to the old?

Really tempted to go with the exciting storm...

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