Monday, May 17, 2010

Blah Blah Blog?

Some of you were probably wondering why in the world I decided to write a blog. To this I had to answer...

I had no idea.

However! I have finally made up my mind for what this blog will be about:

An author's journey to getting published.

That's right! I am going to document my experience as a beginning author from first outline until the day that I receive news of my publication acceptance! And no, I am not sure that any of those phrases are politically correct in the literary world, but no nevermind about that now. Here is my plan for this blog...

First, I plan on posting once a week about a writing experience. This will start with the research of my book and it's elements.

Secondly, I most likely will not post my entire novel on this blog, but rather my thoughts and concerns on the process.

Thirdly, anyone who finds a random interest in these posts are more than welcome to leave comments or even lend advice! Advice would be most welcome! (I apologize for any formal comments in this post. I am currently watching Romeo and Juliet and therefore am hearing and reiterating proper speech. *gasp* I know...)

When shall I begin this said process of an author's journey to the published masterpiece? This week! If I do not post by Sunday morning then feel free to throw a tomato at the screen and leave comments that curse me...

Let the journey begin!

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